Famous People from Chicago

Tuesday, February 26, 2008 | Labels: | |

In line with the upcoming X-Files movie sequel (due this year, hopefully), I've been spending most nights watching X-Files marathons and re-acquainting myself with the characters. I was surfing one evening when I saw that Gillian Anderson is born right here in Chicago!

So I did a quick search and found several more 'famous' sons and daughters of Chicago.

  • Walt Disney - Born Walter Elias Disney, he is a film producer, screenwriter, and director among many things. And for the two people who don't know, he founded The Walt Disney Company.
  • Al Capone - Alphonse Gabriel Capone, the real-life Scarface, is one of the most famous Italian-American gangsters from the 1920's and 1930's. Although originally from Brooklyn, New York, he made his name in Chicago where he founded the Chicago Outfit.
  • Harrison Ford - An actor best known for his roles as Han Solo (Star Wars), Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones), and Rick Deckard (The Blade Runner) just to name a few.
  • Hugh Heffner - The big boss of Playboy Enterprises, responsible for managing the Playboy magazine empire.
  • Benny Goodman - An American Jazz musician, widely known as the "King of Swing."
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs - Author that created our favorite jungle hero Tarzan.
  • Michelle Obama - Wife of Illinois Senator Barrack Obama.
Did I miss anyone? Drop a comment!