Fun Facts About Chicago

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  • Jean-Baptiste Pointe du Sable - "The Father of Chicago," the first settler in Chicago, Illinois.
  • William B. Ogden - Chicago's first mayor.
  • Jane M. Byrne - Chicago's first and only woman mayor.
  • Harold Washington - Chicago's first African-American mayor.
  • Ernie Banks - the first Chicago Cubs African-American player.
  • Chicago's Mercy Hospital - Illinois' first hospital.
  • The Adler Planetarium - the first planetarium in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Western Avenue - the world's longest street.
  • Harold Washington Library/The Chicago Public Library - the world's largest public library.
  • The Chicago Post Office - the only drive-thourgh post office in the world.
  • Nabisco - the largest cookie and cracker factory in the world is located in Chicago.
  • Keebler - the world's largest ice cream cone factory is located in Chicago.
  • Charles Dana - a New York Sun editor that coined the now famous monicker "Windy City."
  • The Taste of Chicago - the world's largest free outdorr food festival.
  • These Are My Children - first TV daytime soap opera ever aired, making Chicago the birthplace of TV daytime soap opera.
  • Playboy - first published in Chicago in 1953.